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Conference Sessions

Sessions are designed to equip you with the necessary tools to become a successful elder for the 21st century. From Developing Next Generation Leaders and Gender Confusion to Afrocentric Hermeneutics, our diverse array of topics ensures that everyone can benefit from this conference. Join us for an interactive, immersive learning experience!

Developing Next Generation Leaders

It's time to develop church leaders for the next generation! This tract will provide innovative tools and resources to empower the next generation of church leaders with sound doctrine and passionate faith. Discover how to give your future leaders the training they need to be successful in their roles. Equip them with the skills they need to spread the gospel and share God's truth more effectively!


Reviving the Family

The family is under attack because it is the enemies priority. However, family is God's priority and it is the church's priority. Learn what it takes to revive the family back to a position of importance.


21st Century Pastoral Leadership

Are you a 21st Century Pastor who wants to lead in today's digital world? Get ready to take your pastoral leadership to the next level with Pastoral Leadership. Learn the latest strategies, tactics and techniques to effectively lead your congregation in this ever-changing digital landscape. Discover how to stay relevant and create meaningful connections with your flock, even when life happens on a Zoom call or a three-minute TikTok video. With Pastoral Leadership, you'll be able to pastor according to God's plan and help bring your church into the 21st century!


Post Colonial Theology

Explore the impact of colonialism on African theology today. Our speakers have conducted extensive research and present a comprehensive overview of the history, current issues and future prospects. Join us for an enlightening discussion that will leave you with a better understanding of this complex issue. 


Afrocentric Hermeneutics

Unlock a new and powerful perspective on the Bible or literary texts with Afrocentric Hermeneutics. This Afrocentric approach to study and interpretation will give you an entirely new lens through which to view and discuss the Word of God. Get ready to level up your knowledge and experience a whole new way of learning. 


Gender Confusion

Don't be confused by the complex gender discussion any longer! This Gender Confusion track is your go-to guide to understanding the role of the Christian community in today's gender debate. With its in-depth analysis and Biblical perspective, this track will provide clarity and guidance on a difficult topic. Take the confusion out of gender and find answers to your questions today!

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