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Call for Proposals

  If you are interested in presenting, please submit the following by June 1, 2023  

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Post Colonial Theology

What is the impact of colonialism on African theology today? Present a comprehensive overview of the history, current issues and future prospects. 

21st Century Pastoral Leadership

The 21st Century Pastor needs to be ready to take your pastoral leadership to the next level. What are the latest strategies, tactics and techniques to effectively lead congregations in this ever-changing digital landscape. 

Afrocentric Hermeneutics

Afrocentric Hermeneutics unlocks a new and powerful perspective on the Bible or literary texts. What tools, resources and strategies can be used to give an entirely new lens through which to view and discuss the Word of God. 

Developing the Next Generational Leaders

Tools and resources are needed to empower the next generation of church leaders with sound doctrine and passionate faith.

What training do future leaders need to be successful in their roles and equip them with the skills they need to spread the gospel and share God's truth more effectively?

Gender Confusion

Gender Confusion has created a great debate within the Christian community. in today's gender debate. From a biblical perspective and in-depth analysis, what tools and resources are available to provide clarity and guidance on a difficult topic.

Reviving the Family

The family is under attack because it is the enemies priority. However, family is God's priority and it is the church's priority.

What will it take to revive the family back to a position of importance?


Please submit by June 1

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