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Letter from the Presiding Bishop

We Greet you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Family is under attack. We are flanked by forces that would like nothing better than to redefine the Family and trash the biblical Family model. Their strategic attack against the Family is to effeminize, under-mind, displace, emasculate, castrate, and weaken men. The enemy’s strategy includes promoting gender confusion, female rejection of their femininity, and convincing parents and children that God is in error. The enemy knows that weak men and confused women are weak static leaders.

We believe that the Family is God's priority. We are committed to equipping the Local Christ-centered Family-focused Church to minister to the family. We equip Christ-centered Family-focused leaders to serve the Family as a Kingdom priority, internationally.

We affirm the authority of the Holy Scripture and emphasize preaching and teaching the Bible. We profess the historic confessions of faith. We proclaim and attempt to model the Gospel in our preaching, teaching, and in our walk, seeking to reach the lost for Christ.

Our senior bishops are in full valid Apostolic Succession. We approach the sacraments as instruments used by God to minister His Truth to the world and to "act out" the work of Christ. We depend on the Holy Spirit to fill and empower this Fellowship and we submit to His control.

As a Fellowship, we are in full communion with Christ-centered ministries and we are not limited to a specific geographical area. We are currently in relationship with Churches and ministries in the USA, Haiti, Cuba, West Africa, East Africa, South Africa, UK, India, Pakistan, and the Caribbean.

++ Sterling Lands II

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