First Person Responsibility

These are unprecedented times for our world in light of the onslaught and spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. If COVID-19 is not beaten in America it will tarnish the image of America as a world leader for decades and maybe even centuries. This attack against the family calls for extraordinary leadership, unprecedented collaborations, and a reinforced commitment to first-person responsibility for healthy eating, good hygiene, and responsible interaction to curb the spread.

There are many questions that have not been answered for the populace and many theories of conspiracy and malicious intent. However, at the end of the day, we must take first-person responsibility for developing godly families that will select godly leaders who are committed to doing the right thing the right way for the right reason expecting the right results to benefit others and glorify God according to the untarnished Word of God.

The Church must return to the pursuit of godliness, promoting holiness, and preparing disciples of Christ. Sound biblical doctrine must enrich the belief system of the Church leadership before we can really expect godly behavior from the members of the Church.

We must stop challenging God’s design intent for males and females and move away from genderism hailed by confused and compromised men and women.

We must stop murdering babies in the wombs of confused and compromised women. We must stop trying to out God, God in our wholesale attempt to create the genetically perfect human being.

We must care for the sick and the poor as instructed by God in His Word and stop hoarding material wealth that can not and will not follow anyone in death.

We must stop dummying down our children through useless and senseless classes and course work and immediately start REMEDIAL reading, math, science, history, and critical thinking skills for high school graduates, college graduates, those with master degrees, those with doctoral degrees, and those with advance degrees.

We must remove any and all politicians, officials, instructors, government leaders, community leaders, businesses, and pastors who are unwilling to serve people. We must put an end to inequities like persistent segregation, structural and environmental racism, and entrenched barriers in the health care system that threaten to amplify the current global crisis, the deadly coronavirus that has infected tens of thousands and could affect millions more.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who have lost loved ones, and others who have been affected by this coronavirus. We salute the extraordinary work of our medical practitioners, researchers, government leaders, community leaders, businesses and other key actors in the front-lines of this fight. We pray for God’s benevolence for us all at this very challenging time.

We must all play our part in safeguarding the future of the family and our world at large.

Our team looks forward to serving you with even greater resolve in the coming weeks as we look earnestly towards a resolution of the coronavirus pandemic, and we want you to know that the well being and safety of the family continue to be uppermost in our hearts.

Archbishop Dr. Sterling Lands II The family is a Kingdom priority.

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