Our Life & Work




The Family Life International Fellowship Family is commissioned to do a great work.


Our momentum is ever increasing and there are no limits in Christ!


The life and work of the Family Life International Fellowship Family are aimed at the salvation, education, and liberation of our members and their families and environment.

The health, interest, needs, rights, and welfare of the family provide the primary spiritual and social motive force and focus of our life and work as we carry out our God-given mission.

 In our work of ministry, we will neglect no person.


In all that we do, we strive to do the right thing the right way, for the right reason, expecting the right results, to benefit our sisters and brothers and glorify God, according to His Word.

We address those areas that provide for the greatest return in the lives of our people on an individual and collective basis.

We are committed to continual renewal and growth.

We are counter-culture.

We do not subscribe to a victim or political correct


We have no fear of departing from archaic or ineffective

traditions, conventions, or redefinition of God’s plan.

We work to simplify our structure by encouraging and

empowering members to do ministry and by putting

the authority to make the most appropriate decisions

in their hands.

Our leaders are expected to lead.

We respect and fully engaged our mature adults and we platform and program our youth and young adults.

We prioritize our children's involvement in ministry.