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    Frequently Asked Questions


    1.    Who can be a member of the Family Life International Fellowship?
    a.    FLIF welcomes and embraces all pastors, preachers, teachers, ministries,   

           and baptized believers who acknowledge, proclaim and accept Jesus Christ as their

           Lord and Savior.

    2.    What are the qualifications for membership?
    a.    Jesus Christ is your personal Savior and Lord.
    b.    Believe and commit to the Holy Scripture as the Word of God.
    c.    Commit to building Family as a Kingdom priority.
    d.    Believe that all Christians can agree on the fundamental essential tenants of Faith.
    e.    Willing to be held to a high moral standard according to the Word of GOD.
    f.     Agree to serve as a willing participant and contributor to the Fellowship.
   g.    Realize that all Churches and Ministries which are a part of the Fellowship are

           autonomous and governed by their own pastor, officers, constitution, bylaws and

           other authority developed, approved and put in place by their own officers and

   h.    Commitment to provide ongoing support of the Fellowship

    3.    How much authority does the Family Life International Fellowship have in each

    local church?
    a.    We claim no ecclesiastical authority in the local Church.  
    b.    The local Church may access and leverage the strengths and resources of the

            Family Life International Fellowship through request and invitation.

    4.    Does the Family Life International Fellowship provide licensing and

    a.    We provide full range of biblical training and credential services including ordination

           of qualified candidates.

    5.    What is the membership Church held accountable for?
    a.    Conduct yourself in accordance with Biblical principles.
   b.    Commit yourself to continued spiritual growth and maturity.
   c.    Honor and respect the Fellowship, its members, its leadership, the episcopacy and

           Fellowship protocol.
   d.    Actively support the fellowship through consistent giving, prayer, attendance and


    6.    How is the ownership of local church property handled?
    a.    We have no ownership or right of ownership of any property or properties owned by

           the local Church. 
   b.    Church property is the affair of your Church.

    7.    Does the Church have to change its name to be a part of the Family Life

    International Fellowship?
    a.    No.  Your Church name is the affair of your Church.

    8.    How does the Family Life International Fellowship relate to the local church?
    a.    FLIF connects to local church through the Pastor of each church. We provide tools to

           pastors for Christ-centered leadership of their ministries, designed to equip them to

           build and strengthen Christ-centered Families of high integrity. 
   b.    We  provide biblical and analytical insight and counsel to churches in crisis or


    9.    What are the financial requirements of a Family Life International Fellowship

    a.    We require ever member to demonstrate there commitment through the Covenant

           Partner's Campaign. 
   b.    The monthly financial gift is used to support the work of the Fellowship.

    10.  What must one do to become a member? 
    a.    You complete and submit the application found at

    11.  Must one leave their present affiliation to be a part of the FLIF?
    a.    NO. We are a Fellowship that comes together to fellowship with the Lord and each

           other. You can very well do both. We believe that it is very important that the "walls of

           tradition" come down. Let us add to what is encouraging by allowing others to see

           what God is doing through the Family Life International Fellowship, which is

           coming together in One Spirit in the Body of Christ.

    12.  What is Family Life International Fellowship’s affiliation?
    a.    Family Life International Fellowship is not and has not ever been a part of a

           denominational body, but is a free standing Fellowship committed to preparing and

           supporting Christ-centered Family-focused pastors to minister to the Family as a

           Kingdom priority, internationally. Family Life International Fellowship is an

           independent, conservative, fundamental, Bible-based Fellowship,

           transdenominational in its membership.

    13.  Does Family Life International Fellowship promote and teach any particular

    Church doctrine?
    a.    Family Life International Fellowship does not promote or teach any particular church

           doctrine, but rather, holds to the fundamentals of the historical Christian faith. The

           Fellowship teaches Bible doctrine, doctrines that are found only in the Bible. Bishops,

           pastors, evangelists, missionaries and ministry leaders will find themselves to be  

           comfortable with Family Life International Fellowship’s training materials. It is the goal

           of Family Life International Fellowship to Prepare, support and encourage Christ-

           centered Family-focused pastors, preachers and leaders of high integrity to develop

           and oversee Christ-centered Family-focused Churches as a Kingdom priority.

    14.  What makes Family Life International Fellowship different?
    a.    Family is the priority of the Family Life International Fellowship and this is what set us

           apart from any and all other groups. 

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