Archbishop Dr. Sterling Lands II

International Presiding Bishop and Patriarch, Family Life International Fellowship, Inc. Presiding Prelate, St. John Archdiocese. Organizing Overseer and Leader of Greater Calvary Bible Church, Austin, Texas; Former Pastor of Maryland Street MBC, Louisiana, Missouri; Former Associate Minister; Greater Bethlehem, St. Louis, Missouri. Member of the Archbishops’ Council and House of Bishops, of the Evangelical Episcopal Communion. Member of the Patriarchal Council, Global Conference of Bishops. Bachelor Degree, Electronics, Southern A&M University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Active Registered Professional Engineer. Doctor of Divinity Degree, National Theological Seminary, Baltimore, Maryland. Doctor of Divinity Degree, Master’s International University of Divinity, Evansville, Indiana. Author of 18 Books and many Workshop Manuals. Married to International First Lady Mable L. Lands. They have two sons, six grand daughters, and four grand sons.

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