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Family Life International Fellowship, Inc. is a Christ-centered Family-focused Interdenominational, Interdependent International Convergence Fellowship of Churches, ministries, and ministry leaders who have joined together to mutually strengthen and support the Family through the Local Christ-centered Family-focused Church internationally as a Kingdom priority. We are an apostolic and prophetic full Gospel ministry committed to the Word of God and sound Bible doctrine. 


In 1996 International Vice Presiding Bishop A T Lands and Bishop Rosemary Lands organized the Family Life Missionary Baptist Church (MBC) in Greater Atlanta, Georgia. It was during this season of conversation regarding the new work in Atlanta, that God planted the seeds for a Christ-centered Family-focused International Fellowship in the Heart of Archbishop Dr. Sterling Lands II.


Formed as a fellowship in 2002 with a small group of Churches, which included Family Life MBC Atlanta, the Greater Calvary Ministries  International was launched. The scope of the ministry was increased in 2008 and renamed Family Life Bible Church International. Under the auspices of the Holy Spirit, the Fellowship was renamed the Family Life International Fellowship in 2011.


Family Life International Fellowship, Inc. provides apostolic oversight, covering, and fellowship for pastors and ministries who desire to model the unity of the body and proper ecclesiastical order as they serve Christ-centered Families of high integrity. 


Family Life International Fellowship is committed to empowering pastors and ministry leaders with tools designed to enable them to address the physical, emotional and spiritual health, interest, needs, rights and welfare of the Family. We promote strategies that prepare the Local Christ-centered Family-focused Church and ministries to strengthen the Family, strengthen Marriages, Relationships and raise the standard of excellent Parenting.

Family Life International Fellowship provides nurturing environments where pastors and leaders come together as one body:

*Define and refine Christ-centered Family-focused Ministry to:
*Develop right relationships.
*Fix our mind's attention and our heart's affection on Jesus the Christ (1 Chronicles 22:19;   Colossians 3:1–2).

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