FLIF welcomes and embraces all pastors, preachers, ministries, and baptized believers who acknowledge, proclaim and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

The Fellowship is in communion with all who agree with and respect the values, beliefs, vision, mission, strategic objectives, structure and leadership of the FLIF.

FLIF  pastors and ministries agree with historic, orthodox biblical doctrine.

As a part of Family Life International Fellowship, you are identifying this fellowship as your spiritual Family with all the privileges and responsibilities pertaining to such a position.

FLIF  pastors and ministries agree to be held accountable within the Family Life International Fellowship for:

Attendance at Services and other Classes and Studies.

  • Encouragement of each other

  • Commitment to each other

  • Accountability toward each other

  • Fellowship with each other

  • Ministry and cooperation with each other

  • Financial support of the Family Life International Fellowship


Jesus Christ is your personal Savior and Lord.


Believe and commit to the Holy Scripture as the Word of God, and therefore carries the full authority of God. Every doctrine of the Bible is the teaching of God.


Committed to working to provide for, protect, preserve and perfect the Family as a Kingdom priority.


Believe that all Christians can agree on the fundamental essential tenants of Faith.


Be accountable for pursuing holiness according to the Word of GOD.


Unselfish motivation.


A good reputation in your community.


Agree to serve as a willing participant and contributor to the Fellowship.


Realize that all Churches and Ministries which are a part of the Fellowship are autonomous and governed by their own pastor, officers, constitution, bylaws and other authority developed, approved and put in place by it's own officers and membership.

Agree with God.


Membership Directory.

Annual Convocation and Leadership Development Conferences.


Partnership in Global Outreach.


Ministry Newsletter.


Resource Material Discounts.


Financial and resource support for member Churches, and Ministries as is appropriate and available.


Education, training and development to strengthen our pastors and leaders.


Licensing, ordinations, commissions and Certifications through the field tested FLIF vetting process.

Affiliate Application

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